Dear Miss Millo,
I am soprano currently studiying in England who has recently discovered your recordings on You Tube which I can only describe as a revelation!

I miss you are you performing in the NYC area anytime soon? I am mad I didn't know about the Christmas Recital.


Dear Ms. Millo,. today I heard some of your Recordings (Leonora in TRovatore, Aida & Luisa Miller) - wat a voice - I had just forget it. You wgere such a real artist and a great singer! hyank you for all what you do & done for Opera. BRAVA - and when your one time in germany - it would be a pleasure to invito you to lake consance> BRAVA BRAVA E ANCORA BRAVA

Oh Aprille,
You are simply amazing! I occasionally will watch you on youtube to remind me of what great singing is entails. Are you ever comeing to Los Angeles for a recital/concert/opera?

What a gift from our God which He has so lavished on you.

Thank you so very much for spending Wednesday evening with me on the air at WGMD radio. I look forward to hearing you at Cape Henlopen on the 25th!
Duke Brooks, WGMD

Brava......I will not start off comparing you to anyone!!!! You are without a doubt THE VOICE!!!! I could listen to your voice on and on!! Thrilling ..... Thank you for singing.. Regards Raymond Bailey


when can I hear Aprile again? I heard her only once in Ballo in Paris with Pavarotti and she was quite simply one of the best sopranos I ever, ever, ever heard!!! Ever!!!

Love the voice. I'd love to hear some Bel Canto roles. Can you tell me about recordings (audio or video) which I might be able to find?
Thanks much,

As an admirer of your artistry who had the privilege to see you in recital this past November, and as a pianist whose love for the human voice was long nurtured by your TV and radio performances, I am more than intrigued by the news of your Operavision. Inc. I hope to hear more about it, and coraggio with all your endeavors!


Good afternoon, Dear April.
My family and me are admirers of You. I beg Your pardon, but I have a request to make. I am one people who wishes the picture or CD with Your autograph.
Thank You preliminary with great pleasure. I wish You happiness, good health and all success.
With love from Lithuania.

Respectfully Yours Antanas Abromaitis

My complete address:

Antanas Abromaitis
Pasilaiciu 8 - 10


I saw you ma ny times at the Met, in Montreal and in Quebec City.

What an amazing voice you have. And what intensity.

You were the new Tebaldi, Price and Milanov. and now really, you are the only Millo.

You were on every major opera stage. Not anymore.

What a disapointment.

We miss you so much....please hurry and return to us. We certainly have NO ONE else like you today. You still reign supreme. I heard your recent recital in NYC was a triumph...

Pay no attention to those who wirte letters without a return email, these are idiots who like to drive by and hurl bombs with no real knowledge.

Brava, I am clearly a great fan.

JF Clément

Heard you in the 1991 Met Un Ballo In Maschera this afternoon and was amazed. I never knew of you before and now want to get every recording possible. I definitely think you're one of the greatest living sporanos. Your sound reminds me of Tebaldi's and is equally as beautiful. Love it. <3

I have been an instant fan of Aprile Millo since I first heard her in recital at the Ambassador Auditoriium in 1982...Saw her Aida in San Antonio TX....have all the recordings and DVDs etc...Miss Millo sent me a beautiful picture of the great Claudia Muzio as Tosca.....I am a devotee of La Muzio since my late a friend sent me a CD of her Recital in NTC program or any other data.....I would like to have any information and a copy of the program if at all possible ....The Recital opens with Donaudys 'O Del Mio Amato Ben.....Thank you for your attention to my dilemna/request....Happy Holidays and looking to 2010 and OONYs 'Medea'......Dan Kelso

Ms. Milllo--

I have heard you perform many, many times, especially at the Met and with OONY. You are a treasure! I was at you anniversary concert last evening at Rose Hall, and It was a a truly special event. You gave your all --- as always - and it was wonderful. What a wonderful way to celebrate, and I thank you for the pleasure of being there. Mille graziie.

Tante aguri,


Hi Aprile
Met you more than twenty years ago at Bumble and Bumble when Scott used to do your hair he took me to see you in Turandot at the Met it was amazing and I have never forgotten it. I have a client now who performs opera and your name come up so I looked you up on the internet and just wanted to say hello I don't know that you will remember me or not but I remember you wishing you well David

Dear mr. Benson,

Could you tell me when mrs. Millo will be coming to Europe again to give a concert ?
Please, send her my regards, thanks,

Henk Kooiman

Thank you so much for your artistry. You are my inspiration and you keep me going with this struggle ; the struggle of trying to find a way to make a living singing this great music!
Thank you.

All my best wishes and all the compliments in the world for the sensational voice and career. Hope to meet you one day.

With all my love , Bogdan Mihai

I am a voice major at BU, and hadn't had the pleasure of hearing Ms. Millo's voice until a professor played a clip of her filmed "Aida" with Placido Domingo in class yesterday- needless to say, I was spellbound, transported, inspired. Clearly I was moved enough to come here and make a comment. I can't wait to further explore her vast body of performances.

I am a soprano just starting in a career and wondered if Mrs. Millo was giving lessons or master classes. Would you be so kind as to inform me.
Thank you!
Maribeth Diggle

The Great Ms. Millo, You're the BEST! You should be singing Adriana Lecouvreur at the MET during this run. Your fans,like me, sorely miss your great artistry. I saw Tebaldi and Corelli do it at the MET years ago and you're every bit as good as TEBALDI! Take Care. DM( a trained voice teacher and former opera singer).

Sono una ammiratora brasiliana di questo talento e questa donna fantastica Aprile Millo. Avuto il piacere di abbraciarla in un festival di musica Campos del Jordao in Brasile quando ancora io era una studante di canto, imparato tanto solo di guardarti.
Oggi gia sono pronta per ruoli importante come mia diva preferita Aprile Millo . Bisogno ancora di opportunità che penso che ancora é riservato a me in mio futuro chi sà,
Sono qua per dare un auguro di Buon Natale e un buon anno di 2009 a Aprile con tutto mio cuore e ammirazione.
Una cantante che ti segue

Ana Paula Brunkow

Dear Sirs!

I just would like know, if Misses Millo is giving masterclasses. I am very much interessted to join one. She is my idol and she is very fantastic singer. I have a similar voice and i think she can help me on my way. Please would u be so kind to help me in this case?

Thank you very much...

Ms. Millo - you are phenomenol! Congratulations...I love listening to your recording of Aida. So hard to beat...I do hope to see you at the MET sooooon!!!

Gent.le responsabile del sito,
sono da sempre una grande ammiratrice della sig.ra Millo:un portento di voce e un'interprete d'eccezione nel panorama lirico!!!Benchè sappia dei numerosi impegni della sig.ra,confido nel suo tramite per ottenere una sua foto con dedica:ne sarei veramente felice!Con questa speranza le invio il mio indirizzo ringraziandola d'anticipo per la sua disponibilità.Cordiali saluti,
Federica Sanna Argiolas
(via Italia 146, CAP 09134,Cagliari,Sardegna,Italy)

vorrei farmi ascoltare dalla maestra posso sapere come sono un tenore drammatico ma non ho le possibilità per poter andare avanti aiutatemi

Hi Ms. Millo,
I had a question. I was looking at the MET Season Calendar for the 08-09 season and your name was in the Artist Roster. I been looking like crazy as to what opera you're going to be. I can't find it anywhere. Could you tell me perhaps because i would love to see you perform live. I've heard recordings and seen DVD's and you're someone that I would just love to see perform live. Thank you for your time Ms. Millo.

Jorge Corredor

i want to know the programme of Aprile Millo in 2008-2009.
And where she lives,in New York?
Thank you for your information

Volevo sapere dove posso trovare Aprile Millo nella prossima stagione e dove vive! Grazie

Cara Signora Millo,
mi chiamo Daniela Nuzzoli. Adoro la sua maniera di cantare, la musicalita', la sensibilita'... Purtroppo ho potuto ascoltarla solo in video o su disco. Mi farebbe tanto piacere sapere se verra' presto in Europa e in particolare in Italia. Inoltre vorrei sapere se tiene Masterclass in Europa o in USA.
La ringrazio per la sua grande arte che e' sempre una grande fonte d'ispirazione per qualsiasi cantante e musicista.
Con grande ammirazione,


Please send our best to Aprille...found old message on Paul's answering machine...his phone number is
718 266 4480
mine is
718 343 8765...I used to work in MOA Archives..remember??

Dear Ms. Millo:
I had the supreme pleasure of hearing your Margarita in Mefistofele at Lyric Opera of Chicago. won't you please consider a return recital in Chicago/ It would be grand!
Thank you,
Kenneth Chrzastek


My family and I have been great fans of Mrs. Milllo for years. I was wandering if it would be possible to receive an autographed photo. It would be a great keepsake for my whole family.
The address is:

Artur Kalata
1100 N. Saturn Ave.
Clearwater, FL 33755

Thank you very much,

Artur Kalata

Hi,would love to know next performances dates of Aprile Millo,i can 't wind them here.Thank you

Dear Miss Millo, I must say that you owe one of the most beatiful voices all around the globe as well as a magnificent artistry. I owe CD's and DVD's of your fascinating performances, but I would really very much enjoy getting a picture of yours with your autograph on it. How can that be done?
Thank you in advance.

Sincerely yours:
Fernando HDZ

Dear Ms Millo.It ia great honour for me as a young person to experience the such an indescribable voice and extraordinary performance by such a goddess of operatic music. I suffer from chronic illness that is life-threatening.Whenever I put on my dvd on your perfomance of UN BALLO IN MASCHERA with PAVAROTTI, you bring tears to my eyes.Iam transporteds to another world.You are a true inspiration to me.I might be left with few years to live but you give me reason to live each day.Thank you for being such an inspiration.May you see many more years.

Solo quiero decir, que amo a Aprile Millo, para mi es la mejor soprano en la actualidad en todo el mundo. La admiro muchisimo, como actua, como interpreta, es excente. Muchos besos y BRAVA

Dear Miss Millo,
Some years ago I attended your performance @ the Ravinia Festival on a steamy summer's night. And from that evening your voice has always been with me. You remain to me my dearest artist. I wish for you many blessings through this New Year and beyond. Thank you for your great artistry!
Don Crawford

Hello, sei bravisima Aprile!! I am a big fan of you, I saw you 2 times with Placido in Sevilla (Un ballo in maschera) in 1992 and for me these nights are a magical moments I never will forget. I have you autogrph, was the most difficult to get in my life ,after , the security staff of the theatre take by my arms and carry me to the street jajajaja for me it's difficult travel for see you again but nothing it's impossible :-) I have the recording of Adriana 2002 and many others and make me happy. Thanks for you voice, and I wait see you again one more time in my life. Sorry very much for my English. Baccione.




Hello Ms. Millo,

My name is Eileen Bates and I was told this morning in church by an opera lover that my voice sounded a little like his favorite Soprano of all I found this interesting and I set out on a research mission to hear your voice. I must say I was blown away by your amazing instrument!! You inspired me tonight to truly try to develop my voice to somehow come close to your sound in the future. In recent years I have turned my vocal training towards opera. A few years ago I started studying with Barbara Dever and to my surprise I read that you performed with her in 1994 at Pavorotti's Concert. I actually have a lesson scheduled with her this coming Tuesday and I can't wait to discuss this with her. I would be very interested and honored to open a line of communication with you. If you get a chance in your busy schedule or the desire to contact me please use my regular email address provided in the form.

I'm off to listen to more of your amazing voice on You Tube. I am really happy that the gentleman in church opened my eyes to your incredible talent. Eileen

Dear Ms. Millo,
I listen to recordings of your magnificent voice nearly every day. My favorite of late is the "La Wally" that you performed with Eve Quelar.

Words cannot express how much joy your singing brings me. It has a particular quality, tone, and emotion that, for me, surpasses any other. Thank you for sharing your God-given talent.

Dear Madam,
I am very mooved to think that you will maybe read this message.
Dear gorgeous,devine artist,I am just a young french baritone from Paris, blushing of admiration and affection for the noble,magic, apollinian artist that you are. I had let a message under the Muzio video. To me you are a goddess sent to enlighten us and give us hope in what is I am afraid an age of darkness. You reign on the Olympe with Tebaldi,Ponselle,Raisa,Olivero,Litvinne,....
I think that young pupils can learn a lot through recordings. My favourite baritone is Mattia Battistini.
Very humbled and admirative,
Fabrice Bélanger
PS: Congratulations for your site and your blog.Might I dare to ask you how to get an autograph? Thank you.

Sono un giovane soprano che vive in Italia,
5anni fa ho sentito per la prima volta questa voce grazie alla mie insegnante E.Dundekova, che mi ha semplicemente detto : voglio che canti cosi!,e mi ha dato dvd di Aida con questa leonessa insuperabile, e oggi sono ancora pazza per questa donna!!!!se fossi uomo la sposerei!
vorrei incontrarla vorrei spingerle la mano vorei parlarle,
aiutatemi vi prego di trovarla,
credetemi è il sogno della mia vita!
Spero che lei potra leggere questo email, se no,
fatele sapere che ce una piccola cantante che la adora e piange dal'emozione immensa ogni volta che la vede e sente!
Grazie!Grazie Aprile che mi hai insegnato cosa significa amare questa arte stupenda e dedicarle tutta la vita!

Hi April - I was on the Board with Utah Opera with Glade Perterson when we were lucky enough to have you join us for Aida. You have exceded our optimistic expectations! I am now Predient of the Sprindfield Regional Opera in Springfield, Missouri, and of course would love to have you join us. Ever in the area?

Richard Aiken

I'm a truly devoted fan. How could I get a picture with an autograph?


Fernando Hernandez

Dear Miss Millo, I am a singer from Amazonas, Brazil and I´d love to know if you give masterclass to young singers somewhere in the wolrd?



I was so delighted to get the e-mail, and I was particularly pleased that the Great Millo remembered me from the Metropolitan gift shop. I would like to get something off my chet. I had said to the Great Millo after one of her performances that I'd be pleased to be in her "claque". At the time I was ignorant of what this terrm fully connoted. Please know that it's always a great priviledge to attend any performance given by the Great Millo at my own expense. I would even cross state lines for the priviledge. Meanwhile, thanks for streering me to that wonderful shop. I still wish a larger public could be made aware of the Great Millo's contribution as (from what I can see) a great lirico-spinto. This type of singing, the chiroscouro of Tebaldi, Gencer, L Price, and the Great Millo, is not highly prevalant today. We need to hear what training, what instincts go behing this type of singing, which to my ear is the most sacred in all opera. Mightn't the Great Millo write articles or even a book about her experiences? Wha was it likie to study with and to know the Great Tebaldi? What was it like to sing so many Verdi heroines around the world? We need to hear more and more from the Great Millo. Brava!

Is it possible to record the great Millo in La Fanciulla and Zaza? Is it possible to reissue the 1986 recital? What about Verdi Heroines?

I am from atlanta georgia and was so thrilled to be in Paris for your Ballo performance. I have never heard you live till tonight. My friends were quickly converted to opera, their first Diva. You are greatly blessed, with a voice of stunning amplitude and color. May I say I think you record wonderfully but I like you live better. If you come to Atlanta Georgia, I will prove to be the first of your stage door Johnnies. !!!! What a voice and what charisma. Starstruck in Georgia, Marcus.

You are fanatstic. I saw your astounding Amelia on Saturday last at the Bastille. Your voice was immense. Do you know how wonderful you are? The rest of the crew was a little undeer powered, and do not sing Verdi as it must. We haven't had a voice liike yours here in many years. Please come back to Paris, we need you. Fabulous artist. Such charisma. C'est magnifique!! jean claude

Hello Aprile,
We flew yesterday - Monday July 9th- in the same plane from Paris. I hope you had a good end of trip and that you will rapidly recover your voice. Thanks again for the very nice discussion. It was an honor and a great pleasure!

I listen to you every morning. It allows me to make sense of the world for about five minutes. You are very young and whatever is the reason you got heavy, please lose the little bit you need to. We need you so much. The "business" has changed. Please don't let me be too long without your glorious, Italian voice. I love you.

from greece with love

Your Fanciulla was the greatest evening of my life. It was the last performance I took my partner to before he passed away, and you made his night that fabulous performance.
I can never thank you enough. Millo, you are great.

Sei divina! DIVINA!

From Brasil, you are the shining light in opera. Your concert here several years ago set the standard for anyone who followed. I can still here your beautiful singing even now. God bless you, and your great voice.

You are simply the very best! We love you in Italy, and know you are the number voce verdiana. Please come back to your public who loves you. Bravisima!

Good afternoon,
I am a great lover and admirer of the great soprano Aprile Millo for years - actually since I heard her famous Aida!

Unfortunately I have just discovered that Aprile Millo will not sing the role of Tosca at the State Opera in Prague which I was looking forward to with great anticipation!

I wish Aprile Millo will get well soon and we will have a chance to see and hear here in Prague. I just love her and this is only a bad luck. But most important is she feel better soon!!!

I had a few photos, cd and dvd covers ready to be signed by Aprile Millo herself... Could I ask you for a favour? Would it be possible to receive a signed pictures of Aprile Millo with your help? I would be most thankful to you if you could send it to my address! Thank you very much for your time and efford!


Love Josef Vosmik

My address:
Josef Vosmik
Bitovska 11 / byt 27
Praha 4 - Michle
Czech Republic

Love this woman and her singing. Wish I could see more of her at the MET. Since Tebaldi I have not found anyone to even approach such fine singing and acting. She is electrifvying!

Fabulous!!! I love it, and you:)