Aprile Millo

Dear Ladies and Gentleman who come here to visit me, we live in an age of modern marvels. The “information superhighway" known as the “net" is one of them.

Those who choose to ignore it do so at their own peril.

In that spirit, this site will have the traditional puffery of career highlights, photos and information for those seeking to know more about me. However, if you really want to know me best, I invite you to go to my personal blog at Wordpress.com called Operavision. http://operavision.org

All in all, a place for all...

The curious, the opera student, the longtime opera fan, and those like myself, hopelessly, utterly, deliriously devoted to this breathtaking world of music and emotion that is: OPERA!

So for now, this is a beginning, let's get to know each other, thank you for taking time out of your busy day to come say hello....

Come be a part of it all, and WELCOME!!!

Opera is a victory.
The last bastion of human communication without a plug!

Not for television, it is something best experienced LIVE.
You will never forget it.

God bless and thank you for visiting me!

"The High-Priestess of that old time operatic religion....she brought the audience to a foot-stomping frenzy!" Newsday

"A white-hot electrifying performance by Millo, I half expected a rush to the stage during her curtain call." Brian Kellow-Opera News

" A voice unlike any other today. Ruby rich velvet with gleaming high notes.
the audience gave her an ear splitting ovation after her dramatic singing of the great aria, "Suicidio!!" Takes your breath away." Opera Italia

“To many, Millo is considered the last of the Golden Age sopranos......."
New York Times

"Ms. Millo’s glittering voice and gleaming top notes were also displayed to dramatic effect, the highlight of the evening was her thrilling interpretation of “L’altra notte" from Boito’s “Mefistofele. The wildly enthusiastic audience rewarded the diva with lusty ovations and many bouquets." New York Times 2009

The Golden Voice Diva